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teamfresh is now accepting bitcoins for Fractals.

Simply email stating the title of the animation you wish to download.
We will then reply with a bitcoin address for you to deposit to.
Any title from our downloads page can be selected.
Animations are 0.1BTC each.
As soon as payment is confirmed, a download link to the HD lossless quality animation of your choice will be emailed back.

Never heard of bitcoins?
Follow these links to learn more.

official bitcoin website.

unofficial forum

Bitcoin reddit.

Want free bitcoins?

Follow these links…

The Bitcoin faucet
One time payout per Google account. Explanation available at the site.

Daily Bitcoins
Can be used once an hour now, and not just once a day.
Can be used once an hour with registration.

Can be used once a day.

Can be used once a day.

Can be used once a day.

Free bitcoins –
Can be used once a day.

Free BitCoin Daily Scratchcard
Can be used once every 12 hours.

Earn Bitcoins for visiting websites

Earn Bitcoins for watching TV


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