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Ultra Fractal.

When you are ready for more power, Ultra Fractal is an awesome, professional package that supports animation, arbitrarily deep fractals, extremely high resolution, multiple layers, transparency, 3D and so many other neat things that there just is no way I can tell you about all of them right here. I will how ever just point out a few basic but necessary things that I think are neat about ultra fractal.

1) You are able to create fractals at resolutions much larger than your desktop.

work in resolutions larger than your desktop

2) There is a neat little switch mode that allows you to preview the corresponding Julia set in the sidebar


3) You can link opacity and color within your color palettes on each layer.


4) there is a formula editor, allowing you to adjust and play around with existing formulas.


There is a database of fractals you can download for free, giving you thousands of fractals to explore.
All in all I found ultra fractal very straight forward and easy to use.
It has excellent tutorials for beginners and many of the functions and options that are available to you as an artist or a fractal explorer are almost overwhelming in choice – allowing you to create a project that is as simple or as complicated as you want.
Ultra Fractal.

This is a new piece of software that in in its infancy but alfready it is capable of producing animations like this amazing example of the mandelbox – a new variation of the 3d Mandelbrot?
The download link for software is at the bottom of the page but check out what its capable of first – its amazing.

video is taken from bib993’s channel on you tube – Krzysztof Marczak is the creator of this software.
you can create amazing images and if you have a very fast CPU (recomended 2GHz, 4 cores) some amazing animations as well, and there are good help files.

I had to add this amazing animation –  if you have not seen it already it shows off the “fog” and “depth of field” effects. there are plenty of other parameters to manipulate including amongst them a cool glow effect, as seen here,

you can download Krzysztof Marczaks mandelbulber software for free from here


Each animation can be downloaded separately using these links…
| Black Box – 209.03 MB |
| Split Point – 306.46 MB |
| Return to Split Point – 209.39 MB |
| Last Lights On – 705.54 MB |
| Spirogenesis Remix – 119.01MB |
| Folded Box – 118.61 MB |
| Hunting for Fossils – 1 GB |

The music used for this video is
“Openradio” by Welcome Wizard

audio is 7th ray (rauwkost remix) by hi-fi mystery school

download folded mandelbox deep zoom

download hunting for fossils

We recieved an email today, the sender told us of their fasination with a particular julia fractal. they wanted to see what it looked like to zoom into it. The seed numbers for this julia set are based on the “golden ratio”

included in the email was they original image the sender rendered in fractint. Here it is – Click on it to view it full size. (you also see this image at the start of the animation)

For those who dont know, Fractint was a dos based fractal program and in my opinion probably one of the best pieces of open source ever to be released!

Anyways hope Alan and everyone else enjoys this zoom.
Its one hundred zooms exactly :)
(thats e30)

The music is a track which we love, straight from the amsterdam based record label 90watts –

the track is called
“rituals of mu mu”

and its by
prinsjan (el mundo and satori mix)

Mandala was a collaboration between teamfresh and the very talented Lee Negin.
in the end Lee scored two separate tracks for the animation.
here is the first one.

Please watch in the highest quality available!!!

If you like lees music check out his website…
Lee Negin (BMI) @
Passing Phase Music (BMI)

here is the second track

I personally love them both and I actually wanted to remaster the second one once I heard the music but due to moving properties I did not have the time, hopefully I will be working with lee again in the future anyway so I will just look forward to that.

Watch in the highest possible quality!!!!!!

magnify the point – in this four minute trip.
music for this mandelbrot zoom is
Biggergroove (Van Meeteren & Hyde remix)
i hope you enjoy the mandelbox zoom :)

watch in the highest quality possible!!!

accelerated trip through a transforming Mandelbox. here I was playing around with folding values whilst entering the box. Sorry about the clipping! I love this new software and I feel like I am really getting to grips with it now. I have actually worked out what the cause of clipping is now! and there will be no more of it!!! this is actually playing at double speed. the original slower 4 minute version is below….

The audio was produced by
the very talented “Eyes”

It is an obscenely dirty piece of dubstep. :)
Ellie Goulding – Lights (Eyes Remix)

This is my first upload that utilises “depth of field”
the depth of field (DOF) is the portion of fractal that appears sharp or blurred in the image.
Wth depth of field you can make the fractal appear very large or very small –
bags of fun!! :)

here’s the proper 4 minute version!!

Earlier this year we collaborated with Remuziq by providing them with fractal footage to use within their music video for the song “never ending blue”

Now after nearly six months in the making, Remuziq has released their next album ‘Music For Humans’ has finally arrived. This album is available now for you to download completely free, hooray!

This is the follow-up to their debut album Remuziq, ‘Music For Humans’ uses a slightly different palette of sounds, but always with the same emphasis on strong, simple melody and songs.

Remuziq :: Music For Humans :: Album Taster from Remuziq on Vimeo.

to download this amazing album click the link below

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