A site dedicated to fractal art, information, and software. Artwork by Damien M. Jones, Sharon Webb, Alice Kelley, Linda Allison, Kerry Mitchell, Sylvie Gallet, and Margaret and Jack Valero are on display at the site; it is also the home for three fractal contests, various fractal programs, and the Infinite Fractal Loop.

The Spanky Fractal Database
A collection of programs, images, and other material all relating to the subject of Fractals.

Sprott’s Fractal Gallery
Computer generated artwork, with thousands of downloadable images and a new fractal every day.

Cynthia Lanius’ Lessons: A Fractals Lesson
A Fractals Unit for Elementary and Middle School students that adults are free to enjoy.
Original fractal art, free trial fractal screensavers, fractal tutorials, fractal software.

The Infinite Art of Kerry Mitchell and Janet Parke
Fractal gallery – quite incredible work.

The Sierpinski Triangle Fractal
This is a fun applet you can play with to make your own designs. Go to the bottom of the page to The Dragon Curve Fractal and the Jurassic Park Fractal.

Brown Moon Designs
Stephen Mooney designs and stitches needlepoint pieces, using computer generated images that incorporate Pentominoes, Penrose tiles and Fractals. He has designed his own computer software to create these fractal images – Zoom

Stephen Lawrence
The fractal work of an Australian artist.

The San Diego Union-Tribune – Article: Painting By Numbers
An article about fractals and the top fractalists with images of their work.

Renderosity is an large community with enough information on fractals and other digital imagery to keep you busy for a long time.

AllFractup has nearly 100,000 of  fractal images and animations uploaded and on display for anyone to enjoy. This is a website that has plenty of fractal goodness for you to explore and use for your personal or commercial needs.