We recieved an email today, the sender told us of their fasination with a particular julia fractal. they wanted to see what it looked like to zoom into it. The seed numbers for this julia set are based on the “golden ratio”


included in the email was they original image the sender rendered in fractint. Here it is – Click on it to view it full size. (you also see this image at the start of the animation)

For those who dont know, Fractint was a dos based fractal program and in my opinion probably one of the best pieces of open source ever to be released!


Anyways hope Alan and everyone else enjoys this zoom.
Its one hundred zooms exactly :)
(thats e30)

The music is a track which we love, straight from the amsterdam based record label 90watts –


the track is called
“rituals of mu mu”

and its by
prinsjan (el mundo and satori mix)