When I am looking for inspiration for my fractal animations I draw on all types of artists and their work – even if it is not directly related to fractals – I find that ideas for colour palettes and fractal patterns filling my head as I examine and absorb the artists work.
This post focuses on the work of a photographer called Hannah Betts. I like to use her work as inspiration because as well as getting some amazing shots of nature, she also does photography for events and club nights – and i love that kind of stuff!


In fact, some of the photos shot in the clubs have been most inspirational to me, because as well as enjoying club nights myself – the colours from all of the funky lights in the club and the general mood captured in the shots gets my creative brain juices flowing. Here are a few of my favourites…


Jusk click on any of the photos to be taken through to Hannah Betts photostream at Flickr.