“height rip” is an animation of a scale -2 mandelbox.
I say -2 but that is only approximate, as the scale is manipulated throughout the first half of this animation.
Manipulation of the scale parameter (which does not change the overall size of the box, just the way its structured!) and many other parameter manipulations such as depth of focus and perspective were made possible for this animation – by the addition of a key framing option to the software used (mandelbulber)


although still very young, this amazing piece of software is able to produce many more wonders than what you see above. In fact I don’t ever think I will do it justice, and it is being updated all the time. As well as the mandelbox there are lots of other 3D types that I will be animating over the next few years – It so easy to use and so much fun – I still wonder inside every day how on earth this is open source (free) There is a god – a fractal god.

The audio used is “kukta” by optick and ciprian – courtesy of 90watts.com