Ever get frustrated when you are trying to work with, edit or compress video? I know how frustrating it can be sometimes when you work so hard and when you look at the end result it is just not hitting the spot. Well I have gleamed advice from a guy called Neil Moore and he has a very cool site that has plenty of handy tip tricks and tweaks when it comes to operating systems and video editing –


Logichaos is a blog site created by Neil Moore with the help of Randell Chyprious. Here you will find guides for Windows and Windows based programs. Logichaos started out as a hobby many years ago and over time it has become his personal website where he submits and edits guides and video tutorials he has made. His most popular guide is The Perfect Installation of Windows which offers tips, tweaks and free alternatives to commercial programs. He has also made several guides for encoding videos with MeGUI, a popular graphical user interface for high quality DVD and video conversion.