Obviously we love fractals and we also love the linux operating system.
it now appears having cake and eating it are entirely possible.
I created 3 wallpapers using – in my opinion – one of the best fractal software (mandelbulber) available for creating 3D fractals. Honestly I cant rave about it enough! Anyway, these wallpapers allow me to have the mandelbox as the desktop of my computer. As my desktop is not square I had to slice a chunk off of the bottom of the box – but hey – that just gives me a peek at the beauty found inside the box!
Here is a short screen recording of the desktop of my computer. Recorded in real time by another nifty piece of software! its called GTK record my desktop

If you are running a Linux operating system, and you want the Mandelbox for your desktop, you can download the image files by clicking here (1280×800 desktop) If there are enough comments below then more sizes may be added.
music used is “coming from chicago”