Here is a very tiny taste of what you can expect when this latest fractal animation is released to the public. Straight to you with “oceans of love” from the one and only team that you will ever need when it comes to satisfying your need for crisp – clear – screen popping – acid & candy coloured – mind bending – fractal zooms.

this brand new, as yet unseen animation, will be the deepest zoom with the most iterations that teamfresh has ever released to the general public. Here are a few details…

magnification level – e228
20,000,000 iterations
HD format 1280×720
Anti aliased x4
brand new classic “teamfresh candy” coloured escape time palette
aprox 15 minutes long
Awesome deep tech house music tracks mixed by teamfresh

Get yourself very ready for this brand new unique 15 minute journey into the infinitely deep Mandelbrot set. When this is released you had better have all your goodies ready – and don’t forget to turn out all the lights. Ready your mind to see things that have never ever been seen before.

oceans of love