This is a new piece of software that in in its infancy but alfready it is capable of producing animations like this amazing example of the mandelbox – a new variation of the 3d Mandelbrot?
The download link for software is at the bottom of the page but check out what its capable of first – its amazing.

video is taken from bib993’s channel on you tube – Krzysztof Marczak is the creator of this software.
you can create amazing images and if you have a very fast CPU (recomended 2GHz, 4 cores) some amazing animations as well, and there are good help files.

I had to add this amazing animation –  if you have not seen it already it shows off the “fog” and “depth of field” effects. there are plenty of other parameters to manipulate including amongst them a cool glow effect, as seen here,

you can download Krzysztof Marczaks mandelbulber software for free from here