Build a Virtual Empire and transform profit into real money!

MARKET GLORY is an on line game that can be played straight from a browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. The game is an economical, political and military simulator. You will be a citizen. Virtual money can be exchanged into real money and back and the time spent in the game can become, gradually, very profitable.

It looks really good and new features are being added.

annos shares have been paying out regularly for some time now.

One of the first social game in which you can change virtual currency into real money.
Similar concept to anno1777 so get in now for prime position.
Setting up an account takes 2 minutes.

You can be a company owner, politician or a military mastermind

There are over 20 kinds of companies from restaurants to real estate.

You can make money with your magazine regardless of the topics you approach

You can buy and sell everything, including other players.

Invite your friends and earn taxes for life from them

It takes about one hour a week to manage your business. Its easy


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