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This WILL get you stoned! A magnification of the infinity deep and vastly complex Mandelbrot fractal set with colour cycling. The final magnification is e.130. Want some perspective? A magnification of e.12 would increase the size of an actual single particle to the same size as the earths orbit! e.21 would make that particle look the same size as the milky way! e.42 would be equal to the universe! This zoom is over double that. If you were “actually traveling” into the fractal, your speed would be faster than the speed of light.

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Purple haze

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What is a fractal anyway? Well as you asked I will give you a brief run down.This particular fractal is called the Mandelbrot fractal set. The Mandelbrot fractal set is created using a mathematical formula that involves complex (infinite) numbers. These numbers are plotted onto a graph to produce the image. It is named after Benoît Mandelbrot. A famous mathematician who discovered fractal geometry. The boundary of this fractal is infinite. Meaning that when you magnify it, the edge of the boundary eventually becomes infinity complex. Buried within the Mandelbrot set are an infinite amount of smaller sets – that are self similar to the original. This animation is a journey to a set so infinitesimally small that if you could see all of the original it would be bigger than the universe!