I have always been a big big fan of Richard Dawkins. He is the kind of man that makes me proud to stand up and say that I am british. Ever since I sat down at christmas over a decade ago and watched Richard Dawkins give a series of 5 lectures – collectivity called “growing up in the universe” I am always happy to listen to what the man has to say.

here are the five lectures from 1992. Although they are from over a decade ago, they still hold fascinating insight into the universe and also insight into the way Richard thinks as well.

pt.1 – waking up in the universe.

pt.2 -Designed & Designoid Objects.

pt.3 – Climbing Mount Improbable.

pt.4 – The Ultraviolet Garden.

pt.5 – The Genesis of Purpose.

Amazing stuff! Dawkins is very eloquent with his explanations, and I love the surprise appearance of Douglas Adams in the fourth lecture! It is a real treat to hear him read some of his book to us!!!

One of the things that I find fascinating about Richard Dawkins is the effort he puts into raising peoples awareness of the way we and the universe came about. Richard point blank refuses to accept that there is a “God”.

Now I don’t mind admitting that I do not believe in god myself – I am an atheist. I do not think that just because I am an atheist, I should be treated differently to someone who has a “faith”. Well that is what happens in this world. A lot of atheists do not like to admit the fact to their friends and family for fear of arguments or upset, others have to lie about their beliefs because otherwise  certain jobs are not available to them. Those jobs happen to be some of the most important jobs in the world. If all the atheists “came out” we would realise that we are far more numorus that we realise.

Did you know that a cross section of people were examined and tested for level of intelligence and also checked to see if they had a religion or not. It turns out that the more intelligent you are, the less likely you are to believe in a god.

Have you heard of TED? watch this video to see the kind of things that TED gets up to!

If you liked that then you should check these videos out. They are of a talk given by Richard about his amazing book called “the god delusion”

pt.1 the God Delusion

pt.2 the God Delusion Q&A

I love the way he replies to the questions in the second video – Richard Dawkins is just pure class. here is one of his latest videos….

I wrote this post to promote Richards views and thoughts. you can check out more material from him in the following links

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